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Data collection and processing

Data collection

The entire work of the Field Forces for different activities can be monitored and controlled. All data entered into the system by users can be reported to support appropriate decisions.

Dashboards can be created to track the development of corporate KPIs. An immediate response can be provided to make the necessary changes in retail.

Standalone or ERP integrated

Our SFA systems can operate independently or in collaboration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. All functions of the SFA system can be used, regardless of whether the master data is taken from the central corporate governance system and the data is evaluated in some other application.

The input of the master data used in the system can be recorded in the LeadSys SFA Operator Windows web or client application, the reports can be queried in LeadSys SFA Reports or MS PowerBI.

Product support

We also recommend it to our partners in addition to the services that support our systems.

Within the framework of operation, we take over all activities from our partners that are related to the operation of the system and the provision of equipment.

Our BackOffice service provides employees periodically or indefinitely for the maintenance of system data and the preparation of reports.

Security & Control

We provide meaningful and robust reports as well as the required performance indicators (KPIs) for predictable decision making.

Evaluating employee performance based on efficiency and productivity is easy to do. It is possible to react immediately to market and / or employee changes.

Save time and money

No unnecessary information, time-consuming work methods, duplicate processes or costly solutions.


The time spent reaching the right customers is reduced, and based on the collected data, the right offers always reach them. 

Integration & Usability

Our SFA system can be efficiently and quickly integrated with existing IT systems. High acceptance of end users is guaranteed, no special IT expertise is required to use the LeadSys SFA system.

“Born of Everyday Experience”

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