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About our company

LeadTech Kft. (formerly Lead System Hungary Kft) is a dynamically developing company in the Hungarian mobile informatics market. Our company was one of the first to provide sales support mobile IT solutions to players in the FMCG sector since the mid-1990s. Our domestic market leadership is due to our experience and knowledge in the field of IT and sales, and our loyalty to demanding work.

Our goal

With its products and services, LeadTech Kft. Mainly supports and assists the sales processes of manufacturing and trading companies operating in the consumer goods market. Our goal is to provide all the help to our customers as a valuable, useful partner by constantly developing our industry and IT knowledge and looking for new directions. 

Our values

We support our customers' sales activities efficiently, in a verifiable and transparent manner at all times, providing accurate information for a high level of daily tasks. In all cases, our customised software is built along well-designed, transparent processes, which we also support with consulting, training, and the leasing of external, shared commercial resources.

Our team

We believe that we need not only excellent, highly knowledgeable employees, but above all good people to achieve our goals as a team. 

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